Saddam's Poisons: Ingredients for the Final Judgment?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Saddam's Poisons: Ingredients for the Final Judgment?

People are always wondering how the various judgments prophesied in Revelation are going to happen. Currently there is a best-selling fictional series that speculates on the subject.

Here is one item from the news. According to the London Times, Saddam Hussein is rebuilding a plant that was used to make biological weapons during the Gulf War under the cover of tackling foot-and-mouth disease.

Scientists are reported to believe that among the weapons of mass destruction Saddam plans is botulinum toxin, a deadly poison.

In John's Revelation we read about plagues and pestilence and sulphur and fire. John saw into the future and was limited by his understanding of the things of his day. But who is to say that all of the plagues are not already in place as well as the instruments God will use to bring everything to an end and restore everything as it was meant to be before the fall, after destroying everything that is fallen and every human who is unsaved? Watch those headlines!