Rumsfeld in Philadelphia

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Dec 28, 2006

Rumsfeld in Philadelphia

December 8, 2006

I visited with outgoing secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld yesterday. Look for my newspaper column about the interview next week in your local paper or at various web sights.

On December 1, Rumsfeld made a speech in Philadelphia that received little press attention. He said this war is going to be a very long struggle and he implied the American people may not have fully grasped that fact. He also said the world faces many threats on many levels and the united states can’t do it all alone. All free nations are in this struggle together and the failure of others to fulfill their obligations toward freedom will mean they might lose that freedom at some point not too far off.

Rumsfeld said we are still using ideas and institutions from previous generations, including the way congress pays for things. They take too long when what is needed is rapid response.

I hope you’ll read his entire speech. You should be able to find it online. He spoke to the union league club during their gold medal award ceremony in Philadelphia. Find it on the internet. It’s worth reading.

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Rumsfeld in Philadelphia