Rumors of War in Israel Bring to Mind Bible Prophecies

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, August 23, 2001

Rumors of War in Israel Bring to Mind Bible Prophecies

A Middle East commentator began his most recent essay this way: "The nations are gathering for a final war against Israel." This is a Jewish commentator. Does he realize what he is saying?

Throughout Scripture -- in both Old and New Testaments -- there are prophecies about the final war against Israel and how the nations will line up against her. In the book of Revelation, it is called "Armageddon." That is a place to which I've been on several occasions. It is in a valley in Israel. It has also come to mean the great final war. Nonbelievers use the word "Armageddon" to describe a huge catastrophe.

I thought it interesting that a prominent Jewish commentator would validate what God has foretold because of humankind's hatred of the Jews and its rebellion against God.

No peace agreement will stop this. From a political standpoint, our State Department and much of the world are fooling themselves if they think anything Israel does will stop the Arab nations and Palestinians from their attempts to finish off the Jewish people and eradicate the Jewish state. Are contemporary political maneuverings leading up to the final battle? Is the present Jewish state the one about which Scripture speaks? I do not know. What I do know is that at the very least we are seeing a preview of coming attractions and that God's timetable is right on schedule, as it always has been. Keep up on the news and keep your Bible close to you. Rarely have current and biblical events converged as they are now.