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Road Map to Middle East Disaster

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: May 28, 2003

Road Map to Middle East Disaster

Israel’s cabinet has agreed to the so-called “road map” which is being imposed by Europe, the United Nations, the United States and Arabists in the State Department.   It is a road map to disaster for Israel.


No Palestinian map (or Arab map) includes Israel on it, which should tell you a lot about the intentions of Israel’s enemies.


It requires Israel to give up real land which it had seized for its own security and the so-called Palestinians to “promise” to fight terrorism.


They are unlikely to fight terrorism, because terrorism has been an effective weapon for them in getting to this point.   Hamas has already said it won’t abide by any agreements.   Their objective and that of the Palestinian leadership is no Israel and no Jews.


Westerners never understand the Middle East where blood and water flow together.   It has always been this way.   By agreeing to the road map, unless Prime Minister Sharon has a clever way out of it, Israel has sealed its fate.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


Road Map to Middle East Disaster