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Reverse Discrimination?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Published: Feb 23, 2012

Reverse Discrimination?

If you are Asian and have been rejected from college because the school needs more blacks, is that discrimination? What if you're white and have test scores as good, or better, than a person of another race who gets admitted? Do you have a bias case?

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up that question ... again. The court will hear this fall a challenge brought by college student Abigail Fisher. She says her civil rights were violated when she was denied entry to the University of Texas because she is white. It is the first affirmative action case involving a university in decades. In 1978, the court ruled in a case involving a man named Allan Bakke. Bakke was twice denied admission to a California medical school, though he had better grades and test scores than minority candidates who were admitted.

The court split on that one, which invalidated the affirmative action program, and Bakke got in. It will be interesting to see how this court rules nearly 34 years after Bakke.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Publication date: February 24, 2012

Reverse Discrimination?