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Religious Discrimination Rampant at University

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Aug 12, 2003

Religious Discrimination Rampant at University

The church-state thing keeps getting sillier. A Michigan woman is suing to win back her scholarship money, which the state took away because she chose to major in religion.

Teresa Becker had received $1200 in scholarship aid for her freshman year and $2750 for her sophomore year. She was promised the same amount for her junior year, but state officials decided that a religion major was the one course of study they should not be funding.

Becker went to court and won on religious discrimination grounds, but the Supreme Court will have the final word this fall as it considers a similar case. Who knows what they will decide? Becker's scholarship money has been placed in escrow until things are sorted out.

If the choice of study is left up to the student, why should the state care what she chooses? To say that students can't study religion clearly discriminates against the conscience of the student and puts the state in the position of mandating secularism.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Religious Discrimination Rampant at University