Redistributing Other People's Money

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Published: Apr 20, 2012

Redistributing Other People's Money

If the rest of the French presidential election contest goes the way it did yesterday, France will be returning to socialism big time. Frankly, I'm not surprised. The French, who have been morally lazy for generations, don't like messages of personal responsibility and "government can't do it all for you."

I saw one leader of the socialists who won yesterday say on TV that, yes, their policy is to tax 100 percent of all income above 300,000 Euro. And yes, she's a redistributionist. She said so.

President Obama wants to do the same with his so-called Buffett Rule, but claims he's not a redistributionist. You know the line about walking and quacking like a duck. It's a duck. And redistributing other people's money is socialism, pure and simple.

America has a similar choice in the coming election. Are we as weak as the French and will we choose socialism, or we will revert to common sense and what is good for us? We'll find out soon enough.

I'm Cal Thomas.

Publication date: April 23, 2012

Redistributing Other People's Money