Rather Leaving Anchor Chair

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rather Leaving Anchor Chair

November 24, 2004

Dan Rather is leaving the anchor chair he has held longer than any other news anchor.

CBS management will deny it, but surely his departure is linked to those forged memos CBS received from a partisan democrat that purported to show George W. Bush did not fulfill his National Guard obligations.

Rather, who is 73, will continue to report for 60 Minutes and make other contributions to the network.

He is the next to last of a breed.

Tom Brokaw is retiring.

Only Peter Jennings remains of that unique group who were around before cable changed everything.

Who replaces Rather won't matter.

They are all liberals and all see the world through the same tinted and tainted glasses.

The new president of CNN used to work with Dan Rather and defended him on the memo story.

They all think the same and come from the same ideological spectrum - the far left.

If CBS were smart, they would replace Rather with a conservative.

But they aren't and they won't because ideology trumps everything, including common sense.

Thank goodness for FOX.

In New York, I'm Cal Thomas.

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Rather Leaving Anchor Chair