President's Words on Scope of War Reassuring

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, November 7, 2001

President's Words on Scope of War Reassuring

President Bush yesterday delivered a speech by satellite to a European conference fighting terrorism. Among the things he said was that terrorist groups "are seeking chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Given the means," he said, "our enemies would be a threat to every nation and, eventually, to civilization itself."

He also reassured the world, "we will not wait for the authors of mass murder to gain the weapons of mass destruction." and, perhaps most importantly, "we are at the beginning of our efforts in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan is the beginning of our efforts in the world."

Now this is good news, indeed. The president appears to understand that the war in which we are engaged must go beyond Afghanistan because other nations are conducting it in and through their nations.

What every American must do is to become informed about the beliefs, nature and faith of our fanatical enemies. With communism, it was easy. With fanatical Islam, it is more complex. They don't believe in the same God, or in Jesus as His Son, or in the need to be redeemed. They do believe that Allah wants them in control of every state to force their religion on all of us. Read for yourself. President Bush is striking just the right theme.