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President's Speech on the Middle East

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, June 26, 2002

President's Speech on the Middle East

So, what do you think of the President’s speech on Middle East peace?

As I write in an upcoming column, the pressure has clearly shifted to the Palestinian side. In order to have any hope of a state of their own, they must get rid of Yasser Arafat, have free elections, a Constitution and agencies with separate powers. That is as likely to happen as pigs flying.

The theology of Arafat and the Arab world is that Allah is ticked about an Israeli state and wants Muslims to liberate it, killing babies and grandmothers in the process. Politicians and diplomats can’t make peace with people who believe such things and teach children to be martyrs by blowing themselves up as they murder others.

Still, I think the President may have changed the dynamic with the purpose of doing other things, such as going after Saddam Hussein. It was as good a speech as he could give under the circumstances. I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.