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Prepare and Pray

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, August 30, 2002

Prepare and Pray

Did you see the videos of Osama bin Laden calling for jihad against Jews, Christians and America? Did you observe the chemical experiments that killed a dog? Do you doubt these evil, corrupted people want to bring more death and destruction to our country? In fact, do you believe - as I do - that they are already here, waiting for a signal to do who knows what to us?

We've brought some of this on ourselves, not because we are infidels, but because we have been too tolerant of evil. We have let too many into our nation from countries that hate us and who train terrorists to kill us. We are not properly hunting down the conspirators because in too many cases we fear it will look politically incorrect.

Our top government officials flatly predict there will be another attack. Will their lanterns of ‘one if by land and two if by air or sea’ warn us in time, like Paul Revere? During the American Revolution, we had time to prepare to defend ourselves. In the Islamic revolution, we will be given little or no notice.

Watch the tapes. Prepare an escape plan for your family. And pray for God's protection from those who misuse his name. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.