Pray for Prayer Breakfast -- Feb. 6, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Pray for Prayer Breakfast -- Feb. 6, 2002

You'll pardon a personal privilege for a commentary. Tonight, about 130 media people will gather in Washington for our annual dinner in association with the National Prayer Breakfast tomorrow, an event that will draw five thousand people.

At our media dinner, a sizeable number of unbelievers will hear the old gospel in a new way. Please pray for this and for the breakfast tomorrow. My wife and I have been hosting this event for at least ten years. We have seen people come to Christ as they consider ultimate truths. This year's speakers include Fox's Tony Snow, the two young women held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and psychiatrist and author Larry Crabb.

The purpose is not to entertain the audience, but to bring the unsaved to Christ. Pray that he will be lifted up at the dinner tonight and the breakfast tomorrow, which you should be able to watch on C-SPAN if you have cable, either live or on tape delay.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.