Potential Terrorist or Terrorist Enabler

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, July 25, 2005

Potential Terrorist or Terrorist Enabler

July 25, 2005

More explosions last Thusrady in London.

Fortunately no one was killed this time as the explosions appeared to be detonators and not bombs.

What is amazing is the number of Islamic clerics who blame Britain and say the bombings will continue.

I get a little tired of hearing police and government officials warn us to remain calm and not to smear a religion.

What they ought to be doing is immediately deporting these killers and those who incite to riot and engage in sedition.

They shouldn’t have been allowed in our countries in the first place, something I have been saying for years.

Close their mosques, bulldoze their schools and seal the borders against their kind so no more can get in.

Wiretap, surveillance, do whatever is necessary to keep an eye on the rest of them.

If they don’t like it, tough.

Let them start turning in the fanatics and then we’ll take another look at their allegiance to this country.

Does anyone know of a Muslim who has turned in a fellow Muslim to the police?

I don’t and until they do, every single one of them should be considered a potential terrorist or a terrorist enabler.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Potential Terrorist or Terrorist Enabler