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Perpetual Turmoil in the Middle East

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Mar 03, 2006

Perpetual Turmoil in the Middle East

March 2, 2006

Over the years there have been apocalyptic books about various events signaling the coming of the end of the age. Most recently there were books about Israel’s re-establishment in the land and then The Gulf War supposedly foretold the second coming of Christ, according to some authors.

I am reluctant to speak of dates and times because Jesus said not to. Still, what we are seeing is clearly a preview of coming attractions.

The latest is from Egyptian president Hosni Mubarek, who has advised the United States not to attack Iran. If it does, he predicts Tehran will react through its influence over Shiite Muslim communities in gulf Arab countries.

Mubarek says an Israeli attack on Tehran is unlikely because Tehran would launch ballistic missiles at Israel.

Does any of this sound to you like fulfilled prophecy? Does any of it read like Revelation, or the book of Daniel and the visions of the future Daniel and John had?

Again, dates and times are not for us, but Jesus also spoke of looking at the sky and being able to forecast the weather. The end is surely coming.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.


Perpetual Turmoil in the Middle East