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Peace for a Week January 3, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Jan 03, 2002

Peace for a Week January 3, 2002

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is sticking to his requirement that there be one complete week in which there is no violent act by Palestinian terror organizations before Israel resumes negotiations.

If Israel’s enemies really want peace, what is wrong with expecting them to stop making war for seven days?

There are new reports that Hamas and other terror groups are ready to use chemical agents in future suicide bombings to expand the radius of death. Pesticides and other chemicals were found in the vicinity of recent suicide bombings. It may have been a test run in advance of the real thing.

President Bush’s envoy is ready to depart for the region again. Expect the usual pressure on Israel, with  only empty promises coming from Yassir Arafat and his associates.

Israel's enemies believe they have a mandate from heaven to eradicate the Jewish state. They are not about to compromise and so they should be allowed tO whatever is necesarry to preserve their people and their land until and unless their enemies come to their senses and negotiate in good faith. I’m not holding my  breath. Traveling in Europe, I’m Cal Thomas.

Peace for a Week January 3, 2002