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PBS Peddles Islam to America

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, December 19, 2002

PBS Peddles Islam to America

Last night, tax-funded PBS television broadcast a piece of propaganda that would be embarrassing to any network not already well accustomed to propaganda. It was a film funded by various Arab and Islamic groups called "Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet."

Even the New York Times, which knows something about propaganda, saw through this one.

After laying out the basics abut Muhammad (though it is forbidden to portray his likeness), the film steered viewers away from considering terrorism, focusing instead on a "cozy, comforting portrait of Muslim communities in America."

The Times reviewer writes, "Heartwarming depictions of a Muslim New York city firefighter, a hajib-wearing nurse in Dearborn, Michigan, and a black Muslim capitol hill staff member in Washington, packaged around glowing testimonials by clerics and academics, turn the Muhammad story into a lengthy infomercial for Islam."

Needless to say, this would never have been done for Judaism or Christianity. It appears to me at least to be an attempt to weaken our resolve against those who would use Islam to conquer and subdue us. Great propagandists of the past would have been envious of such a broadcast.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

PBS Peddles Islam to America