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Party Differences

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Party Differences

President Bush has been in office nearly 18 months and has yet to veto a single bill. This is remarkable considering some of the awful things he has signed into law, including the bloated education bill that throws good spending after bad, and the probably unconstitutional campaign finance reform measure.

Even House Speaker Dennis Hastert recently told a TV interviewer he wishes the President had vetoed some bills that he's signed.

I know...the President continues to shape his image as a nice guy who doesn't want to be seen as negative and mean-spirited. But at some point, one must ask what difference it makes to have a Republican in the White House if all we get is a measly tax cut and the rest of pork and business as usual.

There is supposed to be a difference between the parties. Even though the President's victory was razor-thin, he won't add to his margin next time around if he gives in to everything Democrats want. If he finds nothing wrong with Democrat legislation, voters might conclude that having a Democrat in the White House doesn't matter. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.