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Palestinian Preaching Defies Peace

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, December 13, 2002

Palestinian Preaching Defies Peace

Heard any good sermons lately?

Here’s one carried on Palestinian television. It was about attacking and afflicting the Jews, as well as the destiny of all Muslims and Arabs.

In the sermon, Jews are depicted as "cursed…the brothers of monkeys and pigs, with a stream of curses that will continue until the resurrection."

The sermon is about how the Jews want to kill and slaughter all Arabs and Muslims and dominate the world. Passages from the Koran are quoted.

And then there is this: "Prayer and blessing to the imam and his fighters, (prophet) Mohammed, who waged war against the Jews and a significant jihad. He warned us against them. He said, after he expelled them from Arabia, ‘Two religions will not be here together.’"

And we are supposed to believe that such people have peaceful intentions, that this is a peaceful religion and that Israel – much less the United States – can be expected to live at peace with such people?

I’m, not making this up. It was broadcast on Palestinian TV and the sermonizer’s name is Dr. Mustafa Najem.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Palestinian Preaching Defies Peace