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Our Just Desserts

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Feb 18, 2004

Our Just Desserts

That was some stunt last weekend when hundreds of people participated in what they called a “marriage ceremony” in San Francisco. It was the idea of the new mayor and was immediately embraced by the homosexual community and media establishment.

The media immediately began referring to the couples as “married” without even using the quotation marks they use around phrases like “partial birth abortion.”

Language is important because so many know so little about so much. Polls show a majority of Americans oppose sanctioning same-sex marriage, but a majority also doesn’t want to “discriminate.” Marriage is meant to be discriminatory to promote the general welfare.

Lawsuits will be filed to overturn the sham marriages in San Francisco, but the gay rights organizations are organized and they have the media and other cultural terrorists behind them.

This battle has been lost because the cultural decline reflects our indifference to God and our focus on pleasure and materialism. We are getting our just desserts.

In Miami, I’m Cal Thomas.

Our Just Desserts