Obama's Speech on the Economy: Nothing New

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama's Speech on the Economy: Nothing New

There were no ideas about fixing the economy in President Obama's speech last week in Ohio; just a re-hash of class warfare and spreading the wealth around. He could have said all that in a minute. Instead, he took 54 minutes to say it.

Liberal reporters and columnists who helped propel Obama into office with their uncritical praise of him four years ago are starting to turn on him with the wrath of a jilted suitor.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post said the president "gave America a falsehood wrapped in a fallacy." Jonathan Alter on liberal MSNBC said Obama's speech was "one of the worst speeches I've ever heard Barack Obama make."

Mike O'Brien, also of MSNBC, was tweeting before the speech was over. O'Brien said the speech could have ended after 20 minutes.

If the president is in trouble with the media who helped elect him, his re-election chances are getting dim. I still say they'll come around because the prospect of a Republican president is too much for them to swallow.

I'm Cal Thomas.

Publication date: June 19, 2012

Obama's Speech on the Economy: Nothing New