Now Is a Good Time to Learn About Islam - and Christianity

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Now Is a Good Time to Learn About Islam - and Christianity

Suddenly, religion is in the news again, and as part of my week-long series on what we can do to defend ourselves from future attacks, learning more about our faith, as well as Islam, is essential.

Most Christians know very little about the Bible. They rely too much on what others say the Bible says, but they don't study it and learn for themselves. Even fewer Christians understand anything about Islam. They don't know that the Koran was written in the seventh century about events that Mohammed did not witness, unlike the Bible, which was written by witnesses.

They don't know that Muslims have no assurance of heaven, other than martyrdom. There is no concept of personal sin or salvation. Now is a great opportunity to witness to Muslims in the United States, but we must know their faith, as well as our own.

So if you don't have a group meeting at your church to study the Bible and the Koran, why not suggest it to your pastor? Invite a Christian who comes from an Islamic background to teach it. The timing could not be better.