Nothing to Fear

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Feb 22, 2005

Nothing to Fear

February 22, 2005

The Bush administration frequently promises we have nothing to fear from illegal immigrants.

It says they seek jobs Americans don't want.

Don't tell that to south Texas rancher Kerry Morales.

He told the San Antonio express-news: "maybe 20 years ago the illegals were innocent, hard-working people. Not any more. Now, they're extremely dangerous."

Morales says he's been burglarized many times.

In April, Morales plans to join 1,000 other volunteers from across the country along a 20-mile stretch of the Arizona-Mexico border.

Their purpose is to help law enforcement track down, arrest and deport illegals.

Morales and company say they are not vigilantes and do not plan to be armed.

They note the authorities are not willing or able to keep the illegals out, so they are going to serve as reinforcements.

This is in the great tradition of the early militias, which gave rise to the second amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.

No government, including our own, can be fully relied on to preserve the freedoms we enjoy.

Ultimately, that's the people's job.

Good for the people who are creating a giant "neighborhood" watch along parts of our southern border.

In San Antonio, I'm Cal Thomas.

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Nothing to Fear