Nosy Council Dreams Up Silly Smoking Law

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, November 23, 2001

Nosy Council Dreams Up Silly Smoking Law

A lot of silly, even stupid things happen in and around Washington, but here's one that should get a prize.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, the liberal Democrat-dominated council has passed a law that will fine smokers up to $750 should their smoke drift into a neighbor's home.

No one complained about anyone's smoke drifting into his or her yard, mind you. The council just decided to pass the law. One of the two opponents of the measure says it would allow someone who doesn't like a certain bodily function to protest any odors from that function that might drift into his space.

This should make Montgomery County, Maryland, a laughing stock in the country. Talk about Big Brother over-reaching. What happens if someone's smoke from a barbecue grill floats into a neighbor's yard? Maybe the neighbor doesn't like the guy and uses the law to harass him. What a stupid law!