Non-PC Ideas Again Suppressed on Campus

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, March 22, 2001

Non-PC Ideas Again Suppressed on Campus

Political correctness is back on campus, though it never really left.

The converted '60s liberal David Horowitz is behind a series of ads in campus newspapers that opposes the idea of reparations to blacks for slavery.

Some college papers have run the ads and later printed apologies for the offended classes. Other campus papers have refused to run them, calling the ads "racist" and "bigoted."

Horowitz contends it is mostly white Christians who ended slavery and their descendants should be thanked, not punished with reparations.

Newspapers at the liberal Brown University were removed from racks. Students were not allowed to see them. That's just one of many examples of censorship and Gestapo tactics.

At least in the '60s, campuses were about ideas and free speech. Now, they're more and more about censorship and intolerance.

Non-PC Ideas Again Suppressed on Campus