No Grey Area in This Year's Election

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Mar 08, 2004

No Grey Area in This Year's Election

Here’s the choice in this year’s election – misery and envy, or confidence and competence?


The political Left cares only about regaining power so it can do for another 40 years what it has done for the last 40 years. The Left would make you more dependent on them and less dependent on yourself.


The Left wants to penalize your initiative, tax your success and subsidize failure. It wants to keep children trapped in failing schools and advance cultural rot by refusing to stop anyone from doing anything they please.


The Left has no confidence in you or the country. It would leave the protection of this nation to the United Nations. It would pay no price and bear no burden in the defense of liberty – our own, or anyone else’s.


The political left wants to manage your life, take your resources and tell large numbers of Americans they can never make it without government.


On the other side is confidence about the future and faith in the people.


We will choose between two extremes. I hope the fuzzy thinkers are able to see clearly enough through the fog of their minds and vote intelligently.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


No Grey Area in This Year's Election