No Amount of Spin Can Change Outcome of 2000 Election

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, November 13, 2001

No Amount of Spin Can Change Outcome of 2000 Election

It took them a year and $900,000, but a group of media organizations has finally concluded that George Bush won the election last year.

Naturally, there was one caveat. The media group said that if the ballots had been counted the way Gore wanted, then Gore would have won. Well, duh!

The facts remain unchanged -- no matter how the Gore supporters and the media (but I repeat myself) spin them. Law set deadlines for ballot challenges and said that in case ballots were marked incorrectly, those ballots would be discarded. Don't forget that Florida Republicans and Democrats approved the ballots in advance. You can't change the rules after you have lost the game, unless you are an Al Gore supporter who thinks he was entitled to the presidency.

Gore supporters will continue to claim he was robbed, if only to try to get him nominated again. But this election has been over for nearly a year. Now, can we please fight and win the war?