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News Article on Election Omitted Pertinent Facts

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, July 18, 2001

News Article on Election Omitted Pertinent Facts

The New York Times has published the results of an investigation it conducted on last fall's election in Florida. The Times claims illegal votes were cast by military personnel oversees. What it fails to mention, but Bon Zellnick does in a Wall Street Journal column, is that federal law mandated that those votes be counted. Following the 1980 presidential election, writes Zellnick, the Justice Department sued Florida, charging that the state's laws and procedures unduly burdened overseas military personnel seeking to vote. In August 1982, Florida signed a consent decree, acknowledging deficiencies and pledging reform. One of the problems was a state law prohibiting the counting of overseas military ballots unless they were mailed with an Army Post Office, Fleet Post Office or foreign postmark. Anyway, the law was changed. The Times conveniently ignored that fact.

What is going on is a continuation of the liberal campaign to undermine the legitimacy of the Bush presidency and to feed the grievances of the Democratic Party's liberal interest groups. A little truth in the news the Times sees fit to print would be nice.