New York City Schools Want More Money

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Oct 09, 2002

New York City Schools Want More Money

The New York City school system wants more money. The head of the school system is Joel Klein, who previously worked as Janet Reno’s deputy and tried to break up Microsoft.

Klein has tapped Caroline Kennedy to help raise money through private donations. Trouble is, money isn’t the problem, nor is it the answer to the problem.

Spending in New York City public schools already tops $10,000 per student. The teachers unions make sure things never improve. They are always asking for more money. Spending on education is up 20 percent over the last decade, but the schools still manage to graduate only half of their students from high school.

What needs to be raised is not money, but standards.

Will private donors want to throw good money after bad when all the money currently spent is not doing any good? They will only be willing if they have money to burn.

This is why we need school choice for all types of schools.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

New York City Schools Want More Money