National Pro-Life Trend Promising

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jul 09, 2003

National Pro-Life Trend Promising

There is a pro-life tide in public opinion that may bode well for the future if the elite courts, media and academia can be circumvented.

Fifty-one percent of women surveyed in a national poll by the Center for the Advancement of Women, said the government should prohibit abortion or limit it to extreme cases, such as rape, incest, or life-threatening complications.

The last sampling, in 2001, found 45 percent of women surveyed favored government restrictions on abortion.

The New York-based center that sponsored the survey is a non-partisan advocacy group for pro-choice women's rights, which makes it even more credible. Faye Wattleton is president of the group. She also headed Planned Parenthood for 14 years.

This says to me that the feminism of the last generation is beginning to fade with this new generation of women. The pro-life message is getting through to these new generations of women. So let's keep telling the truth with compassion and watch those pro-life numbers swell.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

National Pro-Life Trend Promising