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Muslim Students in America Harbor Hatred of This Country

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Muslim Students in America Harbor Hatred of This Country

The Washington Post's Marc Fisher visited the Muslim Community School in Potomac, Md., to find out what the students are thinking about the war against the Taliban.

He found that most hate America. Said one, "Being an American is just being born in this country." Fisher interviewed six students. All were born in this country. None think that Osama bin Laden is necessarily a bad guy. An eighth-grader told Fisher, "If I had to choose sides, I'd stay with being Muslim. Being an American means nothing to me. I'm not even proud of telling my cousins in Pakistan that I'm American."

A few made some positive comments about America, but the school principal said in a choice between faith and country, he picks faith. Christians would say the same, except none of us are training terrorists.

Oh, and they all hate Israel at this school.

Why do we allow such things in America? We are undermining our freedoms and our future. Read this column by Marc Fisher in Monday's Post at www.washingtonpost.com.