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More Wind in the Pro-life Sails

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Wind in the Pro-life Sails

April 24, 2008

I was asked recently by a writer for Christianity Today Magazine if I thought the wind is going out of the sails of the pro-life movement. The question arose because of a new emphasis by some on broadening the interests of evangelicals beyond the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage.

I told the writer that based on my experience, the opposite seems to be true. Crowds at pregnancy centers are up, as well as donations to the work of saving babies and telling women the truth. I am hearing of  more people being saved as the result of counseling and more babies born. At two recent events, generous and committed contributors gave $300,000 and $400,000 respectively to the pro-life cause.

While some people may be growing weary defending life, I’m not. It is, after all, the first right. None of these other issues matter to someone who is not allowed to be born. Standing up for the value of God-created life should always be our first priority, no matter what anyone else says or does.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.

More Wind in the Pro-life Sails