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Modern PC Climate

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Mar 29, 2005

Modern PC Climate

March 30, 2005

Sometimes things sound so silly you wonder if it is parody.

This is silly and it's not parody.

They've taken foie gras - duck liver - off the menu at a fashionable Portland, Oregon restaurant.

It's because of protests from animal rights activists, who have been picketing restaurants with gruesome pictures of dead and diseased ducks.

If they tried picketing outside abortion clinics with dismembered babies, or too close to a hospice where a patient is being starved to death, they might be arrested.

Such is the modern politically correct climate in which we live.

At issue is whether the forced feeding of the ducks is inhumane.

California passed a bill last year to outlaw foie gras in 2012 unless producers can prove the technique is humane.

Similar legislation is being considered in Oregon, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts.

"There are certain things that are beyond the bounds of acceptable," says Gene Bauston, co-founder of one animal rights group.

Is that so?

Where is Bauston's source of morality?

And would he include abortion on demand at any time? Probably not.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Modern PC Climate