Misplaced Money from Iraqi Oil Supply

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Aug 11, 2003

Misplaced Money from Iraqi Oil Supply

One of the many problems in the Middle East has been what children are taught. The United Nations, of all organizations, has agreed to provide 5.5 million Iraqi students with new textbooks that have been cleansed of any propaganda left over from Saddam Hussein's government.

The money will come from Iraqi oil sales made prior to the U.S. liberation of Iraq. Most Iraqi textbooks were either burned or looted during the war.

This is a great idea. Many children throughout the Middle East use textbooks that teach lies and hate. At least now in Iraq the next generation has a chance to read the truth.

Here's another idea. How about taking some of that oil and using it to pay the bill for the liberation of the Iraqi people? We gave them freedom at a cost of not a few American and British lives.

Freedom costs, and since it's their freedom, using some of that massive oil supply to help pay for it is the right thing to do. Future generation can read about it in their textbooks.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Misplaced Money from Iraqi Oil Supply