Misplaced Anti-Discrimination Campaign

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Oct 07, 2003

Misplaced Anti-Discrimination Campaign

The Justice Department is conducting an anti-discrimination campaign for Arabs and Muslims in this country. Justice will soon offer a police training video to raise awareness about Arabs and Muslims. The Washington Post reports on a meeting of 150 police and local government officials in Maryland who listened to a Muslim woman describe the tenants of her faith.

We have also had sensitivity sessions about homosexuals and just about every other group one can think of. I worry about this--not because I'm for discrimination and bigotry, but because I wonder if this is all part of getting us to let our guard down.

It is a fact that nowhere in the world where Muslims run government is there the tolerance, diversity and pluralism that these videos and training sessions teach.

It is also a fact that the same bigotry American efforts are designed to eliminate in this country is widely practiced throughout much of the Arab and Muslim world. Try converting to another faith over there and you could be executed.

Maybe sensitivity training sessions are needed more over there.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Misplaced Anti-Discrimination Campaign