Minuteman Project Went Well

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Apr 04, 2005

Minuteman Project Went Well

April 5, 2005

The first day of the Minuteman Project to help protect America's southern border went well.

These volunteers alerted the border patrol in Arizona to a group of 18 illegals attempting to enter the U.S. and they found another one who was suffering from dehydration.

All were turned over to the border patrol who sent them back to Mexico.

The ACLU and other groups opposed to the volunteers had predicted violence.

None occurred.

Gangs in Central America said they were sending their members to the area to help the illegals.

None showed up.

It is an outrage that citizens feel the need to patrol the borders, but the Bush administration, for political reasons, has chosen to virtually open the floodgates and let anyone in and the taxpayers are having to pay for services to help them after they arrive.

That encourages more to come and they do.

I say good for the volunteers.

We need more of them until the government wises-up and does what it should do...enforcing our laws.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Minuteman Project Went Well