Media's Rebuff of Christian Cartoonist Shows Their Bias

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, April 23, 2001

Media's Rebuff of Christian Cartoonist Shows Their Bias

The hostility towards all things Christian continues in the mainstream media in which I work.

Johnny Hart, the excellent cartoonist who draws the comic strip "B.C.," has been persecuted by many groups and newspapers for his religious strips, especially those he draws on Christmas and Easter. Hart is a Christian who makes no bones about it. His Easter strip showed a Jewish menorah morphing into a cross, quoting the words of Jesus.

Many papers simply didn't publish his religious strips. Some might call that censorship, especially when all sorts of things are run that offend Christians. The Los Angeles Times dropped Hart from its stable of cartoonists after running him for 33 years. The cancel occurred six days before Easter. A spokesperson said the cancellation was coincidental to the Easter strip and that it was just "time for a change." Sure!

Hart is being "Christian profiled." The papers that promote all things gay and liberal can't stand a small comic strip that occasionally mentions Jesus in a favorable light.