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Media's Dislike of Bush Plan Is Obvious

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, March 2, 2001

Media's Dislike of Bush Plan Is Obvious

You're familiar with the way the major media conduct polls. Usually they have a way of favoring liberal objectives. That's mostly because of the way the questions are asked and that most respondents get most of their news from TV. So it's a vicious circle.

But in the aftermath of President Bush's Tuesday night speech in which he made his case for tax cuts, something peculiar happened. A CBS poll found that 67 percent support the Bush tax cut proposal. CBS News refused to report the results of its own poll. Instead, Dan Rather characterized the proposal as "risky business," while correspondent John Roberts interviewed a woman in Omaha who "fears" that "Bush is rolling the dice on eight years of success."

ABC's increasingly propagandistic Terry Moran focused on how Bush's budget will cause "pain." For big government spenders, maybe, but it will cause relief for everyone else.

Only FOX News channel reported the results of the CBS poll. This may explain why FOX continues to gain in the ratings and now regularly beats CNN.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.