Media Entitlement

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Media Entitlement

February 14, 2006

What to make of the unfortunate accident in which Vice President Cheney shot an Austin lawyer while the two were hunting quail in south Texas?

Some in the media are saying that because the incident wasn’t reported to them right away, it was a conspiracy. Why do the big media always think they are entitled to know everything about everything?

Still, the excuse offered by the VP’s office that it was deferring to the owner of the ranch to release information, or not, is a little weak. It might have sounded a little more credible if they had said they were trying to make sure the victim was ok before releasing information.

The usual leftists – from gun control to animal rights activists -- were quick with their self-serving statements. But both men are experienced gun handlers. It was apparently an accident and nothing more. Thankfully, the attorney, Harry Whittington, does not appear to have been critically wounded, though because of his age – 78 – he initially was placed in intensive care. Maybe that’s where some in the media belong.

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Media Entitlement