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McCain-Feingold: Disarming Conservatives

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, January 25, 2001

McCain-Feingold: Disarming Conservatives

What is the point of Senator John McCain's so-called "Campaign Finance Reform" efforts with the liberal democratic senator, Russ Feingold?

Will restricting the amounts of money people and corporations can give to politics and politicians clean up the system? The Watergate reforms didn't. These won't either.

Except, if they are passed, they will hurt conservatives and republicans far more than liberals and democrats. How? Liberals already have complete access to the media news, and entertainment programs regularly espouse the liberal and humanist worldview. The only way conservatives can get their message out undistorted is to buy expensive TV time. Restrictions in McCain-Feingold will have the effect of disarming conservatives while leaving liberals with a full arsenal of ideological weaponry.

Does that make sense? Is it fair? Decide for yourself and inform your elected representative accordingly. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.