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Massachusetts Voters Defining Marriage

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, October 15, 2001

Massachusetts Voters Defining Marriage

The last thing gay activists want is for voters to decide their issues. In Massachusetts, they are asking the state supreme court to stop two ballot initiatives that define marriages in the state as consisting of men and women.

The organization Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders say the ballot questions would deny homosexual couples the right to marry and would limit the power of state courts to recognize families that are not married couples.

Exactly! A family begins when a man and a woman marry. There may be other forms of families, including widowed and divorced, but that's how a family starts. People who believe homosexual practice is no better or worse than heterosexual practice have been trying to blur this distinction for years. And they've aligned themselves with blacks as a class that has suffered from discrimination. This is an issue Massachusetts voters should decide and the state attorney general is right to let them do so.