Marrying but Abstaining From Sex

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jun 01, 2005

Marrying but Abstaining From Sex

June 1, 2005

How go things in the church of England – the Episcopal version of the church in America, now headed by one Rowan Williams?

Among other things, Williams, who is the Archbishop of Canterbury, has said the 9/11 terrorists need to be properly understood.

He also favors normalization of homosexuality in his church.

The latest is that Williams and his senior bishops will now allow homosexual priests to “marry” their boyfriends.

This is in line with a new civil partnership law in the United Kingdom.

Ah, but there is an important restriction.

This bishops, seeking the aproval of God and man, will ask that these priests assure their Diocesan bishop they will abstain from sex.

Right, as the Brits say!

One of the reasons the church of England is in such an abysmal state is decisions like this one.

Church attendance is in low single digit percentages.

Much of the Anglican community in Africa and other nations where the Bible still means what it says has long threatened a split with the wing going the way of the world and not the way of the Lord.

They should.

These people are beyond help.

In Northern Ireland, I’m Cal Thomas.

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Marrying but Abstaining From Sex