March 8, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, March 8, 2002
Want to know what life is like inside many government schools? I visited one in the Washington area. I spoke to a small group of Republican students after school. One of them, who attends my church, told me horrifying stories of persecution because of her faith and political beliefs. Muslim students, she said, especially persecuted her. She was called "a closed-minded fool." There were threatening phone calls to her house and some people said the police would be contacted, all because she stands up for her faith.

My friend tells me most of her teachers are socialists or very liberal. Teachers are selective about what they teach. All liberal views are praised and all conservative views are mocked. Many of the students, she says, mirror their teachers' beliefs. She says when she speaks her views, she is shouted down and called selfish.

There is plenty more. But it again makes me wonder why Christian parents would send their children into an environment like this. My friend has stood her ground, but why should she have to? And why should taxpayers have to subsidize stuff like this? I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.