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Making Potential Terrorists More Comfortable

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jan 08, 2004

Making Potential Terrorists More Comfortable

The United States has serious problems with illegal immigrants. Perhaps as many as 10 million may be here.

We've heard the explanations about how these people do work that Americans don't want to do. Excuse me? We have a 6 percent unemployment rate. Among those who are able bodied, they should be forced to train and take these jobs and their welfare checks cutoff if they don't.

President Bush yesterday proposed to allow illegals who have jobs or have jobs waiting for them to stay and to enter the country. He also wants those who pay social security taxes to receive benefits.

This is all about appeasing Mexican president Vicente Fox and appealing to the Hispanic vote.

But what about the best interests of America? The more we allow illegals to stay, the more we encourage new ones to come. And the more we do that, the more terrorists will slip in among them.

This must be stopped. A better job must be done policing our borders and enforcing immigration laws and not making illegals feel more comfortable.

I'm Cal Thomas.

Making Potential Terrorists More Comfortable