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"Live" on Campus: America Haters

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, August 14, 2002

"Live" on Campus: America Haters

American colleges are sometimes notorious for the types of speakers they invite. But some invite people who hate America.

I was shocked to hear that Colorado College, an independent liberal arts school in Colorado Springs, has chosen Hanan Ashwari to be their keynote speaker in an upcoming 3-day conference. Her topic: "September 11: One year later; what are the major political, philosophical and social issues facing us in the post 9/11 world?" Ashwari is Yasser Arafat's chief apologist on American television. She will say America's support of Israel is the reason so many Arab Muslims hate us.

I wonder why Colorado College didn't invite Saddam Hussein? Colorado state Senator John Andrews wrote the college in protest, noting that Ashwari "has long been a leading figure in the Palestinian jihad against Israel (and) her organization is tied to the same Saudi clerics and funders who are deeply entangled with al Queda. Andrews also said many of Ashwari's PLO colleagues celebrated 9/11 in the streets. People should protest the Ashwari invitation to Colorado College. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.