Jews in America Could Be Next Targets

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Jews in America Could Be Next Targets

Senator Bob Graham of Florida is Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Recently he said there are at least 100 al Queda terror cells in this country. Last Sunday on CNN he said that intelligence information suggests Jewish individuals and Jewish institutions outside of Israel, including in the United States, could be the next targets of terrorist attacks.

Did you see on television the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel, even anti-American, demonstrations in Washington over the weekend? Biggest I've seen. And as the anti-Israel sentiment heats up, look for more of these demonstrations and attempts through the media to manipulate public opinion.

Keep this in mind: most of these demonstrators would not be able to demonstrate about anything, except in support of the government, were they in any of the dictatorships that make up the Arab world. I fear we are undermining our own freedoms and allowing people who hate America to work inside America to destroy this country. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.