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It's Not the Money, It's the Politician

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, March 30, 2001

It's Not the Money, It's the Politician

The debate over campaign finance reform is a case of politicians saying "stop me before I sin again." It reminds me of the debate over so-called gun control. It isn't the gun or the money that are bad. It's the nature of the person with the gun or the political power. A gun is safe with someone who has character. And an honest politician won't be corrupted by money.

Will a corrupt politician be less corrupt if a law limits his campaign contributions? Of course not. His (or her) corrupt mind will find other ways to get the money. Furthermore, this legislation is about protecting incumbents. It's hard enough to raise money to challenge an incumbent, and this unconstitutional legislation will make it even tougher.

What a waste of time! Why isn't Congress focusing on energy or tax relief or wasteful spending instead of this incredibly stupid and unneeded legislation? Term limits would solve all of this. That would be real and meaningful reform.