It's All About Power, Not Integrity December 6, 2001

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, December 6, 2001

It's All About Power, Not Integrity December 6, 2001

Senate democrats have killed the nomination of Eugene Scalia for solicitor general at the labor department, because he is the son of justice Antonin Scalia. Democrats want to get even for justice Scalia’s position that Florida law should be upheld and George w. Bush awarded the state’s electoral votes in last November’s election.

Senate democrats are petty and venal. Scalia the son has many democrat supporters outside congress who testify to his competence and integrity. But the game isn’t played that way in Washington anymore. It’s all about power and position and not about honor, integrity and competence.

Pennsylvania republican senator Ric Santorum said, “This is an outrage. This is petty politics – making the son pay for the perceived sins of the father.”

Senate democrats are also stalling the president’s judicial nominees to keep conservatives off the bench. If you care about such things, you might consider expressing yourself to your senator, especially if he or she is a democrat. I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.