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It's a mad, mad world

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, June 10, 2002

It's a mad, mad world

Suddenly, the world seems to have gone completely mad. The Middle East is worse than ever with homicide bombers regularly killing civilians. A war between India and Pakistan, perhaps with nuclear weapons, seems a distinct possibility. Here at home, we're told another attack by terrorists is certain. This might include a nuclear device in a briefcase.

On a smaller scale, children are being murdered and kidnapped, families are breaking up and the gay rights movement advances. What is going on?

What is going on is exactly what Scripture forecasts. Men and women are inventing ways of doing evil. There are wars and rumors of wars. Every perversion is now being tolerated, even promoted. The world has forgotten god and we are seeing the consequences of trusting in our economic and military power, rather than the power and blessing of God, which must be sought on his terms and not our own.

Now is a great time for repentance and witnessing, but we must not just talk about our faith. We must live it before the crumbling world. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.