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Israel Should Strike at Enemies Quickly, Decisively

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, August 20, 2001

Israel Should Strike at Enemies Quickly, Decisively

Two of my columnist colleagues believe it is time for Israel to go on the offensive -- smash the PLO infrastructure, its so-called police stations, which are nothing of the sort, and erect a wall between Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. I agree.

Our State Department is hopelessly seduced by moral equivalency syndrome. There is an enemy in this conflict and it isn't Israel. The PLO side believes religiously and politically that Israel should not exist. Its so-called "suicide bombers" are doing what their religion commands: Kill Jews. The secular West doesn't get this. All of Islam does.

Israel should take out as much of the Palestinian leadership as it can, including the terrorists and their arms. A lightning strike would last only a few days. Europe, the State Department and the U.N. could only sputter. Then, Israel should announce it is waiting for a new generation of Palestinian leadership to take over from the old and negotiate a state of co-existence. Not to act will mean Israel continues to slowly bleed to death.

That's the PLO strategy.

Strike now and win. Wait and court possible disaster.