Israel Scolded Again for Confronting Terror

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Jun 12, 2003

Israel Scolded Again for Confronting Terror

President Bush has said he is deeply troubled by Israel’s attempt to take out a leader of the radical Hamas terrorist organization.   This, at a time, when he has said the United States will hunt down terrorists wherever they exist.


Various editorials have tried to draw a distinction between the Hamas “politician” who was wounded in the attack and a Hamas terrorist.   But that’s like saying there’s a difference between Bonnie and Clyde and the guy who drove their getaway car.


What deeply troubles me is the continued fiction that what Israel does or does not do affects what her enemies do.  


If Israel had not tried to assassinate this Hamas leader, the homicide bombers would have come anyway.   Remember the Oslo and Wye River accords?   Israel gave up land, but the terrorists kept coming.


What the Israel haters see is that terrorism works.   It has brought them to the brink of eliminating Israel, so what incentive do they have to stop?


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


Israel Scolded Again for Confronting Terror